Playing Poker with Scared Money

Playing above your bankroll is one of easiest ways to go from a profitable poker player to a losing player very quickly. Playing with money that you are afraid to lose will affect your game no matter how skilled of a player you are. Scared money changes your focus from playing solid poker to worrying about losing your chips. Anything that distracts you from playing your best will keep you from winning.

Playing with a Short Stack

If you are playing above your bankroll you are likely to have a comparatively shorter stack than the other players. Playing with a short stack will make you vulnerable to those players with deeper stacks and bankrolls. Your fear of losing money will allow them to eat away at your chips with aggressive play. When a player buys-in to a table at the table minimum it is a sign of playing with scared money. If your bankroll allows for a $150 buy-in at a 2/4 table your stack should be twice the size when you’re playing at a 4/8, in other words $300. (more…)